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During a mission trip to Nigeria in November 2015, a team of seven people from Oasis Church visited Saburi Holy Trinity Anglican Church, just one of the many churches and places visited on that trip. Pastored by a faithful minister, blind from birth, this church in Saburi was to be the location for the drilling of the first of the boreholes for the project embarked on in March 2016.

Matthew and Michelle, members of the original team that went to Nigeria, returned in March this year tasked with the mission to oversee the drilling of four boreholes and six wells in key locations that were lacking clean, drinking water.

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According to members of the mission team, people walk long distances to fetch water that is really unfit for human consumption but they do it because it is their only source of water. The provision of a borehole will serve needs of the various communities both now and for many years to come.

Other boreholes were drilled in Tungan Madaki Village, Ibadan and Oboro, Umuahia. The team were also able to set things in motion for the digging of six water wells in rural areas in the Northern part of Nigeria.


'The surplus monies raised over a period of time from contributions of 40p per bottled water used during church services, further subsidised from a central pot is what has been used to fund this entire project. 'So keep drinking' says Sam, Pastor at Oasis Church.

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