Oasis Church

Electronic Bible Resources

The Word of God is mighty and powerful and it is extremely important for all believers to be able to access the bible personally. To promote personal bible reading, please find a list of free and affordable downloadable bible resources. Please click on the links for more information.

Mobile phone downloads


eBible My Sword
Platform: Android
Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries and devotionals

Tecarta Bible
Platform: Android, Apple, Kindle and Nook

Free and affordable e-Bibles. Register to save/share margin notes

YouVersion Bible
Platform: Android, Apple, Windows and Blackberry
Streamed written and audio Bibles, reading plans, verse of the day - linkable to Facebook/Twitter

Other resources

Remember Me
Platform: Android, Apple, Blackberry, Playbook and Window
Memorise bible verses and store them in your heart

Bible SMS
Various locations sending daily bible verses by text to phones


eBible-Internet Bible Gateway
Over 100 Streamed Bibles in various languages, search facilities, commentaries and devotionals and a wide range of other tools including audio bibles

Bible Study Tools
Different bible versions, including parallel (reading more than one version at the same time) and interlinear (bible verse plus Hebrew/Greek), as well as commentaries, encyclopedias and dictionaries

Reading notes

Bible read me

Young people

CWR has Mettle for 14-18 year olds and daily email for 1 year for £13.80. Different notes are available for different ages.


CWR has Every Day with Jesus, Inspiring Women Every Day*, Cover to Cover Every Day, and Life Every Day (daily email for 1 year for £14.25)
For men, CWR has The Manual, 6 books, with 60 readings each as Kindle or eBook at £4.99 each. There are specific instructions on how to download the resources for Kindle/ebook/iPad. Please click here for CWR's instruction page.