Oasis Church

Oasis Building Phase 2

With phase 1 completed successfully, we are already well underway with phase 2!

Phase 2 Watertight Superstructure

This means walls, upper floors, staircase, steelwork, walls, roof, windows, doors and services.

Superstructure Elements - Phase 2

Component Cost
External walls (24,000 bricks) £89,000
Internal walls (6,000 breeze blocks) £32,000
Upper floors £25,000
One staircase £11,000
Steelwork (22 tonnes) £44,000
Roof £109,000
Sub-total £310,000
Totals Cost
Components £310,000
Windows, doors and services £240,000
Grand total for Phase 2 £550,000

Releasing Funds

Our gift months are May and June. There are various ways you can help to release funds for the building project.

Double tithe

This can be for one or two months. Please make sure you mark on your envelope or bank transfer that the funds should go to the new building.

Lump sum donation

Help us to reach our goal with a single donation. Loans can also be arranged in special circumstances.

Pay for specific items

This is great for fundraising campaigns.

  • Bricks £4 each
  • Per square metre of external wall £225
  • Breeze blocks £5.50 each
  • Per square metre of internal wall £58
  • Per kilo of steel £2.20
  • The staircase £500 per step
  • Windows, doors and services 100 donations of £2,400

Ways to Give

By Bank Transfer or Standing Order

Arrange a bank to bank transfer or set up a standing order for regular financial contributions to Oasis Church via online banking using the following details:

Account name: Oasis Church
Bank: NatWest
Account Number: 87497190
Account Sortcode: 60-24-06

Alternatively, complete a standing order form and forward it to your bank or email it to: admin@oasischurch.org.uk

By Cheque or Cash

Place your gift in the special Gift Month Building Fund envelopes and hand it into the church office.


It's easy to give online with JustGiving.

Please note that if you are giving towards the Building Project or any other project, this will need to be clearly stated, otherwise gifts and donations will go into general funds.

More about Online Giving »

Aerial Video & Progress to date

Work in Progress- September 2014

Phase 2 - 1 Phase 2 - 2

How the building will look when complete!!

Building Complete

Phase 1 Groundwork was completed at a cost of £300,000!

Phase 1