Oasis Church

Oasis: Redhill

Oasis Church invites you to join us in worshipping and enjoying God’s presence at:

Salfords Primary School
Copsleigh Avenue

Car park available

Meetings start at 6.30pm on one Saturday and one Sunday each month (apart from August and December)

Dates in 2017 for your diary:

Sunday, 12 February
Saturday, 25 February
Sunday, 12 March
Saturday, 25 March
Sunday, 9 April
Saturday, 22 April
Sunday, 14 May
Saturday, 27 May
Sunday, 11 June
Saturday, 24 June
Sunday, 16 July
Saturday, 29 July
Sunday, 13 August
Sunday,17 September
Saturday, 30 September
Sunday, 15 October
Saturday, 28 October
Sunday, 12 November
Saturday, 18 November
Sunday, 17 December