Oasis Church

Outreach Ministries

Overseas Missions

In fulfilment of our vision ‘from the nations to the nations’:

Teams from Oasis go out to minister in any overseas country where God opens the door for us. Countries visited so far include Burundi, Poland, Nigeria, Denmark, Ukraine, Uganda, Portugal, Ghana, France and Congo.

Home Missions / Evangelism

Every Saturday from 10am – 1pm a team of Oasis members meet to pray and then go on to the streets and shopping centres to reach out to people with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Special outreach programmes are organised in the summer months to reach out to the community in a variety of ways.

"The Lord is bringing you into higher and richer places of harvest. I saw the richness of the harvest being prepared for you. And the Lord says I am going to send it to here, the brand new ones and the old new ones for you are going to find a season of new believers that are going to come for I saw a great release of evangelism that is going to come into this house." -** Prophetic word, March 2016**

Outreach to Seniors and Older People

This is currently at the early stages of development. Future plans include visits to old people’s homes and a weekly day centre for elderly people. Ministry to Seniors Our vision is to see ministries specifically tailored to the needs of seniors and older people established. More information to follow.

"But I saw a tremendous impartation of evangelism in people who are in the golden age of their lives. They are going to receive, those 60,70,80,90 and even a 100 if you have them, are going to enter into an amazing impartation of evangelism and the Lord is going to send them out into the streets. I saw them going out like ants into the streets and invading the streets, and they carry the glory of God and they carry the passion of God. They carry an impartation and they are going to go and they are going to bring a harvest in, for the Lord is going to mobilise that particular generation. And there is an army that is going to arise and even in this nation, God calling that generation 60, 80 to a 100 to awaken again. And I saw blankets being removed from them and I saw them arising once again and becoming active for I heard the Lord saying he has sent a pair of brand new boots for them to wear and the Lord is going to give you the ability to place boots on their feet, train and equip that generation and call to life. I saw trumpets awakening them for many of them have put away and forgotten and many have said they are not the up and coming therefore we will move on to the up and coming but the Lord is calling them to be the up and coming generation of this hour. And there is a recalling them for they are needed in the house and there is empowering coming for them. There is healing and healing anointing in that generation as well and they are going to see healing power moving in their lives and through them. And I heard the Lord saying there is going to be a lot of fruitfulness in the journey of that generation in this country and in this house as well …… I saw a place for them that God is going to enlarge for you. And there is going to be a whole ministry to be released in that area that is going to be very impacting in the kingdom." - Prophetic word, March 2016

Job Club

An advisory and support group for job seekers run in conjunction with Life Changers Church in Wimbledon. Open every Thursday from 11am. More details from the church office.

Needs & Surplus

A means for people to exchange or give what they have as a surplus to requirement to those that need them.

Wimbledon Food Bank

A service provided together with local churches to supply emergency food packs to those in need.

Christian Socialising Network

A social group for adults to network, have fun and discuss pertinent issues. Activities include Salsa dance lessons, day trips, fine dining, financial workshops, movie nights and much more.

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Alpha Course

A 10-week course open to all who wish to explore what Christianity is all about. Run once a year at Oasis and delivered by a number of members.


Parent/Carer and Toddler Group

Meet every Monday (term time only) to provide lots of fun for under-3's and opportunities to meet others.

Winter Nights Shelter

An annual ministry run by a group of volunteers in collaboration with other churches to provide food, shelter and clothing to those in need during the cold, winter months.

Night Shelter Team 1