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The Lord’s right hand is lifted high; the Lord’s right hand has done mighty things!

Psalm 118:16 (NIV)

God is doing mighty things amongst us!!! Below are some of the reported testimonies. If you wish to share what God has done for you at Oasis Church, please send your testimony together with your contact details to: testimonies@oasischurch.org.uk

Prayer Space Introduced at a High School for Girls in Tulse Hill

Ages 11-18 Tuesday 28 – Thursday 30 March 2017

The school is situated in SW. London and is a school for over 800 students.

I am a parent of one of the students and with the assistance of the head teacher (Ms S) and her team, members of a local church (who work closely with the school) and Oasis church Colliers Wood (of which I am a member) we hosted a prayer space for 3 days.

I first put the idea to Ms S back in January after attending a Christians in Government meeting (hosted by DfE) where Catherine from Prayer Space talked about the impact the project was having on schools.

Ms S was very keen to get one going and although usually these events take around a year to set up, we had just 2 months, so I pulled together all the help I could get and prayed a lot!! It took a day to set up everything, but once complete, we were set to go. The activities around the room were ready, the worship music playlist set and we were good to go.

Flower Strip 2

Day 1

The theme of the activities centred around Easter, we focused primarily on the last week of Christ’s life. There were 9 activities altogether which included, what are you thankful for?, forgiveness, friendships, helping others, your dreams and praying for the world.

I really didn’t know what to expect and, if I’m honest, I didn’t think many of the girls would turn up (apart from those who we scheduled to as part of their RS lessons).

In the first couple of hours I was overwhelmed by how many of the girls came. They commented on how peaceful and calming they felt just being in the room. How it was a place to breathe, a place where they could be themselves.

I think many of them didn’t quite know what to expect but as they started to take part in the activities around the room they felt safe enough to open-up and write what they were feeling. One student just began weeping at the ‘Sorry’ activity where she could write down what she was sorry for and put it on the cross, and in that moment, she made a recommitment to her Christian faith.

Numerous classes filtered in throughout the day, many came at lunch and breaks times as well.

Day 2

So I left the space early on Tuesday and, wow, when I came in on Wednesday the activities were filling up - so many comments, prayers and questions. The room started to take shape with lots of really great feedback from the teachers and students.

A couple of students were really thankful for the space because they came in to it just before an exam (which they were really nervous about) and were able to find peace and face what was ahead of them. They said that it helped being in the room.

Here are just a few…….
‘My dream is to go to heaven and enjoy it. To see Jesus and the face of God…’
‘I hope for me and my family to have successful futures and are able to make our dreams come true with the Lords help…’
‘I wish my granddad would come back to earth...’
‘I would like to thank God for giving me the opportunity of having so many hardworking teachers. I hope they don’t give up on us and that they can find some peace and joy in their job.
‘To do good on my exams and become and midwife when I’m older’
‘I hope my mum hangs on to life during birth and my brother can be able to release his emotions without being called names…’
Lots and lots of the girls have been coming back today it’s been amazing watching them engage and some not engage so much, but I realise that just the mere fact that they are in the room something transforming is happening to them, even though they can’t physically see it.
There were also some of the challenging questions were things like ‘How can God love me? He can’t love me, I’ve been too bad…’ ‘Why do good people have to die?’ ‘Why didn’t you kill the devil if you knew what he was going to do?’ ‘Why are we still sinning?’

Day 3

By now the room was filled with much more prayers, reasons to be thankful, worries, dreams, big questions, saying sorry…

The girls kept coming and we kept re-stocking paper pens etc… It was nice to see some of the staff come in and see what the girls had done, I think they may have seen another side to the students that they teach.

Even some of the most difficult of students came and found it a restful, peaceful place.

As we came to the end of our time and we started to pack up I felt sad, many of the girls were sad to see us go. Many were hoping that we would be there longer. There is such a need my heart breaks, some of these girls just want to hear someone say something nice to them, encourage them and let them know someone is on their side.

I’m not a teacher, I don’t work in a school, I’m a parent and I can see as a parent how valuable this space was, not just for the students but for the staff also. I have been so impacted by these 3 days and I know that the school has too, and the realisation is just hitting me now as to how vital these spaces are.

The Future

The plan is to do another one, not sure when yet, but the school are looking for a permanent space for this to happen.


When 2 girls reconciled their friendship at the Forgiveness activity.
When the students actively asked for the space to stay.


Only having 3 days at the school.

Healed of a Slipped Disc - Rachel, Wallington

Worship Earlier this year, in February 2015, we were having our house renovated and a large heavy door that had been left on the side by workmen fell on me, trapping me underneath. I felt a little pain, but dismissed it however, the pain got progressively worse and, a few weeks later, I woke up one day finding that I could not get out of bed easily, as my back was frozen.

I went to work with great difficulty, but had to leave early and made an appointment to see my GP as the pain was agonizing. I was referred to the Urgent Care centre in Mayday hospital where the consultant sent me for an x-ray, as they thought that maybe a part of my lower back had been fractured. Both sitting and standing were very difficult-the only position I felt comfortable in was lying down and I was worried that I would be bedridden. I had to take 3 weeks off work, as the pain was very intense.

I came across the Oasis healing rooms online and wanted to come and see if I could be prayed for, to ease the pain. I am a Christian and believe very strongly that God answers our heartfelt prayers. I came on a Tuesday and was ushered to a quiet room where two ladies prayed and laid hands on me.

When they started to pray, it seemed the whole atmosphere in the room changed and I could really feel the presence of God there. I had my eyes closed and as the ladies started sliding their hands down my spine, I could feel my back get very hot and my spine starting to straighten up.

They asked the Lord to heal me from head to toe and I could feel a hand come onto my head and press down, and beautiful energy surge through me. It was an amazing feeling and I could feel real changes in my body. When I spoke to the ladies afterwards, they both looked at each other, and said that it was an angel of the lord who had placed his hand on my head during that time, to heal me.

When I prayed that evening, thanking Jesus for his love in healing me, I said:

'Thank you Lord, I felt your angel's hand on my head healing me'.

I then heard a clear, audible voice say: 'That was not an angel, that was ME'.

I was so overcome with emotion and want to share this testimony of how I was miraculously healed by beautiful Jesus Christ, the true king of kings at the healing rooms.

It's Unbelievable! - Noel L.

New Job To give you a bit of background, I had been working in a petrol station, on a zero hours contract, supporting my wife and three small children. I had previously been interviewed for a receptionist job at a local hotel, but when I said I didn't want to work on Sundays, I was told there was no job for me.

When I gave for the building and made the powerful gift month declaration, I received a breakthrough, I got the receptionist job and signed the contract on 17 May 2014. I work with a Christian, who puts on worship songs while working in the office. He attends Hillsong church and everybody here is very polite, friendly and honest. I feel freedom now whereas before it felt like I was in a prison. I can't stop praising GOD. I didn't want to work Sundays and GOD honoured me and rewarded me with this job. The same manager who said (when I said I couldn't work Sundays) "We can't continue further", called me and proposed this receptionist post to me... wow its unbelievable! Praise GOD, JESUS!

Glory be to God My Healer - Dorothy Wigan, Cheam

![Flower Strip 4][Flower Strip 4] Up to four years ago, I enjoyed really wonderful health. I had been a swimming teacher for many years and always seemed to have lots of energy. Since then, I developed trouble with my heart which meant several visits to my doctor often once a week. Different drugs were tried to get my heart beat to a regular rhythm, however, due to the strength of the medication I frequently had side effects such as feeling very weak, tearful, and depression. My skin would also suddenly erupt into red sores.

My breathing was often well over 200 per minute, so it was suggested that I have heart surgery to which I readily agreed.

The operation on the right side of my heart appeared to be a success, but I was still in Atrial Fibrillation, still very breathless and finding it very difficult to walk any distance. I was required to have blood tests every week. At St Georges hospital, the doctors decided that a Cardioversion may help because I was feeling so weak most of the time and I said I would be happy to try anything that could possibly help me. The Cardioversion was supposed to shock my heart beat back into regular rhythm, but one hour after the treatment while I was still in bed at the hospital my heart slipped out of rhythm yet again.

When I returned home I was walking very, very slowly because of my breathing difficulties. Where a few short years ago I could run up the stairs in my home, now I could only go three or four steps at a time before I was forced to rest. Sutton High Street was now not available to me because of the steep hill and I still felt tired most of the time which the doctors explained was due to my rapid heart beat..

During all this time I still attended church and received prayer for my healing. I missed some of the Tuesday morning meetings because my hospital appointments were always on a Tuesday morning.

In November 2013, it was the last meeting of the Tuesday group before Christmas and I was determined to go. Even though I was an hour late because of my hospital appointment I was gladly welcomed and was told about that there was going to be a 'fire tunnel' and that I should go first. A fire tunnel is a prayer tunnel formed by a group of people face one another, linking hands and each person walks through while those forming the tunnel bless you, prophesy and pray over you.

As I began, I was immediately aware of the Holy Spirit upon me and lurched through the tunnel. After we had all gone through the tunnel, we were asked to lay down or sit in a chair and receive more of the Holy Spirit. I said to myself, 'I am not going to lay down I know the Holy Spirit is upon me I will stand and wait, I am not going to open my eyes to watch other people, I am just going to stand in Gods presence'. So I stood and as I waited I was aware of a hand on my shoulder I still did not open my eyes, the person did not say anything no verbal prayers were said either by the person or myself I was not praying for healing I was just standing in the presence of God.

Drs Letter - Dorothy

About 15 minutes later, I felt that wonderful sense of letting go and now wanted to lie on the floor. I opened my eyes and saw my pastor with his hand on my shoulder. I told him that I wanted to lie down and he helped me. As soon as I touched the floor, it was as if major currents of power surged through my body and, at least six times, I was lifted off the floor completely. I had been told that when you have a cardioversion, shock waves pulse through your body and that one could expect to be very tired after this treatment, however, I was unconscious when I had the treatment at the hospital. As I lay there on the floor in church, I was fully aware of the power of God upon my body, there was no fear, no pain, just surprise at the power of God!!!

When I got up from the floor, I knew God had done something radical. I thought to myself, 'When I get home the first thing I am going to do is run up my stairs', and I did. There was no tiredness and over the weeks that followed, I was walking right to the top of Sutton High Street, attending dancing lessons and resumed swimming again. I visited my cousin in Devon and we all went for a two mile coastal walk with no harmful effects, just joy and pleasure at being able to do things I had not been able to do for years.

I celebrated my 76th birthday last month and during that month I catered for eight people who stayed at my home. I also helped a friend prepare a lunch buffet for thirty-five people. I give all the glory to God my healer and can say along with Job 'The Lord blessed Dorothy in the latter end of her life more than the beginning'.

I Believe in Miracles! – Donna, Mitcham

Steve Long preached on Sunday, 30 March at Oasis Church and asked people to stand up if they needed a financial miracle.

Well, I was one of those who stood. I had a bill I had to pay and didn't know how I was going to pay it.

After church, I was on my way to my sisters when I saw a missed call at 1:24pm it was from a relative of mine who said they needed to speak to me because they wanted to give me some money! I couldn't believe my ears. I knew God would answer somehow but didn't know he'd do it within the hour! Safe to say I received the cash and paid the bill! I'm expecting more because the whole has yet to be paid :)

I believe in miracles!

Answered Prayer – Sharon, Sutton

Further to yesterday’s (30 March 2014) meeting at church - I want to testify to God's goodness.

I stood up for prayer on finances as I do believe I will need to travel to South Africa again before December and this morning someone told me that my flights would be paid for - so I just wanted to let you know that God is good, He's faithful and he's answered my prayer! Please do let Steve Long know because this might encourage him.

My God is Good - Alice, Pollards Hill

Flower Strip 1 It was a fine day in March 2013, I had just finished shopping and spotted the bus I wanted pulling in to the bus stop. I ran to get it and as I sat down, I experienced the most terrible headache that seemed to go down my spine, crushing all my bones. I temporarily lost my vision and don't remember the bus ride home. I remember my stop being called but realised that I couldn't see.

'Lord, give me back my eyesight so that I can cross the road' I prayed, and he did. On getting indoors, I lay on my settee thinking it was just a really bad migraine. I have never really suffered headaches before, but I had heard people talk about how bad migraines can be. I stayed in for three days until my daughter insisted that we go to the hospital. After a quick check, it was put down to whiplash as a result of carrying a load of shopping and running for the bus and I was discharged.

Four more days passed but the pain persisted and my daughter once again insisted that I return to the hospital. This time some tests were run and I was placed on oxygen and admitted. CAT and MRI scans were done but didn't reveal anything. Finally, a lumbar puncture showed internal bleeding and an angiogram revealed a bleeding aneurysm. As the news was broken to me, I said to God, 'I can't ask you to save my life as it is already in your hands'.

His Hand

After the decision was made to operate, I saw a picture of me walking through a valley. God was holding my hand, and to my left were mountains and dark shadows. God was so huge, I couldn't see his face. His hand, holding mine, was huge and I realised that he was holding my left hand with his right hand and separating me from the shadows, his feet were huge, gold. I had no fear. I asked God what it was about and he said it was Psalm 23. I replied, 'Lord, that's for dead people' but he said, 'No, its for the living'. As we walked on, out of the shadows came a dark, deformed figure and I asked God what it was and he said, 'Death, destruction'. The figure bowed at the feet of God and ran back into the shadows. I also realised that it had swathes over its eyes and couldn't look at God. I knew then that nothing could harm me without his say so as I was his child.

It was after the operation that I got to know that the surgeon had told my children that I only had a twenty percent chance of being okay. I was discharged from hospital after a week with referral for physiotherapy but, praise God, I haven't needed it. Before I was discharged from hospital, the surgeon came to see me and brought some other people with him. He said that he had come to tell me I was amazing but my reply was 'My God is good!!'

My Testimony - Julia, Hackbridge

It started with severe abdominal pains on a Wednesday afternoon in September 2013. I knew my husband, Mark, would not be home until about 7.30pm as he was counselling. I was lying in bed wondering how I'd get myself to the doctor.

At 6pm Mark rang to say he was on his way home, since although he and the client had turned up, the person with the key to the venue had not! By now I was in agony, so as soon as Mark arrived home he took me straight to the local hospital.

After several hours I was admitted, although they were not sure what was causing the pain. Over the next two days I had numerous test, scans, etc., and eventually was told I had a perforated duodenum, and a partial blockage of my colon. The duodenum would be treated with drugs, but I would need an operation to remove the blocked part of the colon, with further surgery to (hopefully!) put me back together once the cause of the blockage was established. I was scheduled for surgery on Sunday morning. I felt enormously peaceful and held by the Lord.

On Sunday morning the surgeon and anaesthetist visited, and I was prepared for surgery. I'd told Mark I didn't want him to go to church as I wanted him to be there when I woke up. As I was waiting to go into surgery, my phone rang: it was my pastor. I explained what was happening, and he started to pray for me. As he was praying, the surgeon suddenly reappeared, so I had to put the phone down. The surgeon checked a couple of things, and pronounced “you don't need this surgery!” I then had to ring my husband to say that he could go to church after all; I also rang my pastor to say the church should not pray for me in surgery, as the surgery had been cancelled!!

I remained in hospital for a further week, on medication for the duodenum. During that time I had some very precious times with other patients, and was able to pray with several. Since leaving hospital I have had numerous other tests; after each test they would say “X is ok, but we don't like the look of Y, so we're going to do another test”. Its seemed as though God was healing each thing just ahead of the test!! Eventually, in January, the surgeon told me they didn't want to see me again PTL!

At the beginning of the year I had prayed that I might come to know my heavenly Father better, and I believe that this experience was part of the answer, as I am coming to a new trust in His goodness and love.

God Healed Me – Maya, Morden

For around the past 4 months I have had very limited use of my right hand due to being unable to lift my arm above my head, I also had pain in my right shoulder and lower back. The condition had progressively worsened over time and daily living was not easy . Simple things like combing my hair, decorating my house or cleaning my kitchen were very difficult tasks for me. Amazingly, during the time of prayer last Sunday, 6 November 2011, I received immediate healing in my lower back and felt the pain leave my body just like that. I did not realise until a bit later that the stiffness in my shoulder and arm had also gone and I am now able to swing my arm around without restriction. I thank God for what he has done for me. The first thing I look forward to doing is cleaning my kitchen and redecorating my home, tasks I was not able to do for ages. Praise be to God.

Just the Job For Me – Elena, Poole

When me and my family visited Oasis church on Sunday, 30 October 2011, there was a prayer time for those who were looking for jobs. I stood up and prayed for this as I had applied for a Teaching Support Assistant vacancy at the school my daughter attends.

I was invited for the interview and received a call the following day from the Headteacher who told me that I had not been successful for the applied vacancy. However, she offered me a newly-created post which had not yet been advertised and is better than the one I had applied for, teaching English as an additional language. I thank God for creating a vacancy for me at the school I was praying for.

My God Healed Me!!!! – Margaret, Wandsworth

I had suffered with back pain since the birth of one of my children 16 years ago. When the pain became unbearable, my GP diagnosed me with sciatica and started me on four different medications to enable me cope with daily activities and manage the pain. I was on this medication for 9 years and learnt how to live with the pain.

About 6 months ago, I started getting pain in my right leg which worsened as time went by. I would get a burning sensation and it would become hot to the touch and my children would place ice packs on it to try and cool it down.

On 12 September 2011, when it became excruciatingly painful causing me to scream with the pain, an ambulance was called and I was taken to casualty. A doctor checked my leg and found it to be completely numb and so a neurologist was called in, who ordered an immediate scan. The scan showed a displaced nerve and I was scheduled to have an operation at 5am the following morning. I was given no guarantee that the procedure would be successful but was rather told to sign a disclaimer should things go wrong. I did not sign the document but told the medical staff that I needed to organise things at home first before undertaking such a major operation as my children and pastor were unaware of it. It was felt that I had discharged myself and a letter to that effect was later sent to my GP.

I got home, discussed and prayed with my children and then called the pastor shortly afterwards. He invited me to over to the church for prayer and I got there dragging my leg which was still numb along. I expected to find a full team of intercessors and prayer warriors but secretly felt disappointed that it was only the pastor and the few staff members he called over that prayed for me. I was propped up to stand and during prayer the pastor felt led to ask if there was anyone I needed to forgive and led me in a prayer of forgiveness for one of my sisters who lives in Kenya. I was immediately touched and fell back into a chair where I sat for the next 30-45 minutes.

When I got up, the numbness had gone but I still felt the pain in my leg and back. I got home at 6pm that day, slept and the next morning, called my other sister in Kenya. She hesitatingly told me that our sister, with whom I had not been on talking terms, had called her the day before (around the time I was forgiving her in prayer) to say that she felt a strong urge to talk to me because she felt that something bad was happening to me but did not know how to get in touch with me since we were not talking to each other.

Long Walk

To cut a long story short, I called her immediately after and told her how much I loved her and no longer held anything against her and we wept and forgave each other over the phone. By the next day the pain in my leg had gone as well and I shared my testimony at Oasis on Sunday 6 November 2011. Since then, God has done even more for me.

As people shared with me how my testimony about forgiving my sister had touched them, I went home rejoicing and could not hold myself back from dancing and singing for the rest of the day. During the night, as I slept, I felt heavy followed by a sensation of things leaving my body but thought nothing of it until I got up in the morning and started my day. I then noticed that my back felt different, 16 years of pain had gone.

I have been to see my GP since then and am now no longer on medication. I have been totally healed of sciatica, the pain in my right leg and back have totally gone and I feel like a 25 year old. I went for a long walk from my home to Clapham the other day and felt no pain at all. What a good and wonderful Lord we serve!!!

If you wish to share what God has done for you at Oasis Church, please send your testimony together with your contact details to: testimonies@oasischurch.org.uk